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African Women Association

Women in Africa have always looked abroad for inspiration or role models for success despite the fact that we have many successful women within the continent, including those from the continent but living abroad who are breaking barriers and setting the new standard of what an African woman can achieve; and that despite the limitations placed on the continent as a whole. There is not enough exposure of successful African women. 


It is a shame that many African individuals can quickly recite the success stories of women in the western countries yet very few of our own. Africans are not aware of the success stories of their own people, which are an inspiration on their own. These stories must be broadcasted on a global scale to stand as a great source of pride, education, unity and inspiration. The African woman must be recognised and she must be promoted. It is well known that when women are empowered the benefits ripple outwards and spill over to many others in their communities.

African Women Association (AWA) is dedicated

  • to create and globally promote a fresh brand of female African role models within Africa 

  • to pay tribute to African women who have contributed to the development and positive image of Africa as a whole on popular international media platforms 

  • to teach and promote our history and heritage as an African continent

  • to clear long stayed misconceptions surrounding Africa; rewriting our story, educating the world beyond the common popularized stories of poverty, war and corruption in Africa 

  • to create a platform that will create and strengthen relationships between industry leaders that will contribute in the development of Africa through collaboration 

Key AWA Activities  

  • The African Women Awards (the second November 2016 – Harare, Zimbabwe)

  • AWA Live Access Tour and Talk Show for 2016 honourees 

  • AWA mini life documentaries on honourees for VoxAfrica TV and other media partners 

  • The AWA Foundation activities which include Access to education, opportunities, infrastructure and role models for African women.




Registration number: 8997429 
The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales certifies that African Women Awards LTD is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by guarantee.



GMM: Real Issues, Real Talk, Real Answers- in an environment with good company, great food, and invaluable experiences of sharing, grooming and personal growth. 


The Girls Monthly Meet is a club addressing the pressing societal needs of young women in her city. The network has grown to over 160 members from diverse urban backgrounds and beliefs with meetings maximising on the experience and knowledge of older generation guests who frequent the meetings

GMM begun in April of 2012 to address the pressing need of a young Christian woman- a fresh graduate back in her home town - to ask real questions and get real answers. 

This young lady finally found a mentor who was willing to ‘go there’ (discuss the unmentionable) - and so they ‘went there’; and soon after ‘went there’ again -18 female friends, herself and her mentor- over a cosy intimate dinner. GMM has since held a meeting each month for over 22 months; hosted in the different homes of the members of GMM. 
GMM has nurtured a culture of openness, acceptance, trust and unity among young urban women. We address boldly the issues affecting us, share candidly our opinions and discuss openly the factors shaping our lives as young urban women today.

Join our private group on facebook: here


GMM Goal:  

To establish the psychological and social emancipation of urban young women through networking, awareness and solidarity; preparing and positioning ourselves to be the next leaders and captains of industry.

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Girls Monthly Meet