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Volunteering and Service 


The LCF provides people of all ages and all walks of life with the opportunity to make a difference. 

Whether you are in between school terms, in between jobs or free on weekends we encourage you to use that time to make a meaningful impact in another person’s life. 

Volunteer to :
•    spent time with children to whom your visits will mean the world
•    help an organization plough through some very necessary office work (child case files, needs assessment, resource sourcing- the list is endless)
•    plan and execute events or short term drives for different charities 

Serve by :
•    Providing a charity with your skill, whatever the area ( IT, finance, art, infrastructure, decorative, educational, vocational) it will always be useful to us and we will always be able to place you. 
•    Being a voice for a specific cause in your community for a week, a month or a year; let people know the about the issues, the needs and the ways in which they can help. You can do this physically or online, through your networks or in your neighbourhood- we will help you coordinate it - every effort counts.