Social Initiative Consultancy


Helping you put your positive social energy and ideas put into practice.



Corporate Social Responsiblity 

We create strategic private – non-profit partnerships with institutions (and select individuals) from all sectors equipping them with effective ways of giving back to their community and facilitating personalised, innovative and effective programs that enable them to do so. 


This process includes

  1. CSR STRATEGY FORMATION: Assessment or creation of an effective CSR strategy that aligns to overall institutional goals and objectives and adds value to the same.

  2. CSR PROJECT / PROGRAM STRUCTURING: Creative sessions leading to the formation of a specific CSR project or program structure.

  3. CSR PARTNERSHIPS ESTABLISHMENT: Linkage with genuine beneficiaries associated with the LCF / OR standard due diligence of beneficiaries  as identified and selected by the institution. (Intensive due diligence can be conducted upon request at a cost.)

  4. FINALIZATION AND VALIDATION OF THE CSR STRATEGY including compliance and regulatory alignment.

  5. CSR PROJECT LAUNCH: Joint or solo implementation of the project or program.











Start Up org Assists


We give training and internship style learning opportunities to selected individuals determined to start and run their own high impact, professional, effective and sustainable social initiative.


  This includes

  • One on one structure and system establishment training

  • Internship hours in the field and in office administration

  • Basic accounting training

  • Compliance networking and education



Young Changemakers 


We envision young professionals with a desire to start giving back by connecting them to causes and teaching them how to make an effective difference as an individual.  

This involves 

  • Needs exposure 

  • Volunteer opportunities 

  • Personal development 

  • Group Effort sessions 

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