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Rehabilitation of the homeless

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FACEZ Education Fund


FACEZ Education Fund was established in June 2012 and is registered under Street Exit Strategies Trust (SES) (founded by Miss Chiriseri in December 2009) (NOTARIAL DEED 644/2010).


  • FACEZ currently provides scholarships, mentorship, Christian counselling and much needed exposure activities to over 120 children in Zimbabwe and growing. The children are in Epworth, Harare, Ascot, Gweru, and Melford Farm, Goromonzi). These children are underprvilidged and mostly orphaned and are selected based primarily on their level of need. Selection is verified and validated through stakeholder bodies that include the department of social services, the local board and District Administrator as well as the Ministry of Education. FACEZ puts emphasis on economic stability in the beneficiary families and runs various trainings in several vocations and skills that have empowered families to begin to make a living.


The FACEZ vision is to build a powerful local based education fund that assists marginalized and under privileged children attain a brighter future through access education and holistic support.


Our mission is to provide marginalized children with an equal and fair opportunity to access and benefit from education.


Our aim is:

To better the communities we serve by reducing the number of school drop-outs and equipping beneficiary families with livelihood skills for sustainable income generation.


Project benefits

  • Increased access to education for children in the targeted areas (Millennium Development Goal #2) through local philanthropy

  • Reduced dropout rate of children in the targeted schools

  • Increased the stability in the learning environment of the beneficiaries

  • Increased self knowledge, self esteem and confidence in the beneficiaries through mentorship and life skills coaching

  • Empowered families through guardians trained to generate sustainable income through entrepreneurship, life skills and vocational skills training


Public Speaking

As a Global Youth Ambassador for Education, a member of the national youth committee for Youth in Social and Development Work and an accessible role model to many young people Lisa speaks on numerous platforms concerning the issues of education, access, safety, quality and equality. She provokes, educates and inspires with her words and never leaves without presenting a solution, food for thought and action or a starting point as to how locals can begin to drive the change they wish to see.


Up For School Global Petition Campaign

Since her appointment as Education Ambassador Lisa has worked tirelessly to drive the awareness of the global education crisis and signature collection towards the UpForSchool petition. This petition addresses a global crisis involving over 58 million children who will be trapped in their cruel and miserable existence forever if they are unspoken for where it matters most.  These millions of school-going age children are not currently not in school due to a tirade of barriers including poverty, conflict, inequality, sickness, death, cultures and many others.


Since the Millennium Development Goals efforts have been made by some world leaders to reduce these barriers yet as we come to the end of the MDG era and enter the Sustainable Development Goals era we cannot ignore the failure to meet some of the MDGs. MDG #2 being “access to education for all”. With education being the most effective way to save and change a generation we must push for the fulfilment of this Goal and the increased prioritization of access to education worldwide.


  There is great work to be done not just by governments but by every individual; yet this work cannot be done by individuals that have not been informed. Such is the purpose of the petition and the work of the Education Ambassadors appointed to conscientise their communities.


To sign the petition click here


To learn more about the work visit:






African Women Association


African Women Association (AWA) is dedicated to:


  • to create and globally promote a fresh brand of female African role models within Africa

  • to pay tribute to African women who have contributed to the development and positive image of Africa as a whole on popular international media platforms

  • to teach and promote our history and heritage as an African continent, rewriting our story, educating the world beyond the common popularized stories of poverty, war and corruption in Africa

  • to create a platform that will create and strengthen relationships between industry leaders that will contribute in the development of Africa through collaboration



Key AWA Activities

  • The African Women Awards (7th November 2015 – Harare, Zimbabwe)

  • AWA Live Access Tour and Talk Show for honourees

  • AWA mini life documentaries on honourees for VoxAfrica TV and other media partners

  • The AWAFoundation activities which include Access to education, opportunities, infrastructure and role models for African women.  




Registration number: 8997429

The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales certifies that African Women Awards LTD is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by guarantee.



Girls Monthly Meet


GMM was begun in April of 2012 to address the pressing need of a young, fresh graduate, Christian woman to ask real questions and get real answers. This young lady finally found a mentor who was willing to ‘go there’ (discuss the unmentionable) - and so they ‘went there’; and soon after ‘went there’ again -18 female friends, herself and her mentor- over a cosy intimate dinner. GMM has since held a meeting each month for over 22 months; hosted in the different homes of the members of GMM.

As a group that has grown to over 160 young women from diverse urban backgrounds and beliefs GMM has nurtured a culture of openness, acceptance, trust and unity among young urban women. We address boldly the issues, share candidly our opinions and discuss openly the factors shaping our lives as young urban women today. We aim to maximise on the knowledge and experience of the guests who avail themselves to us to speak, share and mentor us; and continuously encourage each other to share abroad the wisdom we gain from each meeting. 

The focus of GMM is Real Issues, Real Talk, Real Answers- in an environment of good company, great food, and invaluable experiences of sharing, grooming and personal growth.


Goal:                         To establish the psychological and social emancipation of urban young women through networking and solidarity; preparing and positioning them to be the next leaders and captains of their spheres.


  • To create solidarity through a support network of young women unencumbered by the divides of race, religion, opinion, background or beliefs.

  • To equip and empower young women to exploit the opportunities created by the movements for gender equality.

  • To prepare and equip young women to adequately fill the positions created by the movement of gender equality.

  • To provide a platform for solidarity among young women through interaction, sharing, teaching and learn the ways of balancing the many roles played by a African women.




Street Exit Strategies


 SES was inspired and driven by the Lisa’s desire to meet the visible need for holistic rehabilitation of the teens and young adults living in the streets. Having grown up in a home that was never without a foster child, counselling case or a needy passerby she was taught from an early age to give of herself limitlessly.

SES has since seen several youth successfully and permanently rehabilitated with the two most inspiring cases being two young men who SES assisted to study, re-write and pass the O’ and A’level examinations and access scholarships that saw the first completing a degree in political science at the university of Zimbabwe and the second currently in his final year the University of Western Cape.

The SES team however also saw many cruel, lonely, excruciating deaths of their beloved brothers and sisters who were taken by HIV and AIDS. 4 died in their hands, 2 of their burials were coordinated by Lisa herself aged 23 and 24....

It all began with a Christmas party for the homeless in December 2009; a joint effort between Miss Chiriseri and Her Worship, the Mayoress Mrs Masunda (through the Mayor’s Cheer Fund), His Presence Ministries International church and Just Children Foundation. Unhappy with the idea of leaving it at a once  a year celebration Lisa begun the soup kitchen which ran for 5 years, shutting down only because of a collective decision to lessen food hand outs and increase actual rehabilitation efforts.

 The SES’ goal remains to reach out to the homeless of our city, case by case - through engaging them in social, spiritual, mental, economic, health and career orientated activities that will reintegrate them smoothly into society.

We do this through our three key strategies:

  • effective peer interaction and mentorship

  • education

  • social platform integration through the church (our partners His Presence Ministries International church)


The Annual Children’s Christmas Celebration


For the 3 years (2009-2012) Street Exit Strategies (SES) was able to give children from various disadvantaged backgrounds- mainly orphans and children living on the streets- a warm, compassion filled Christmas celebration party. The founder of SES (Lisa Chiriseri, aged q9 at the time) acted upon the desire of her heart to see such children also share the joy and spirit of giving at Christmas time. Through the 3 year partnership with the Harare Mayor’s Cheer Fund this Children’s Christmas Celebration has benefited over 400 different children emotionally, spiritually and materially.


The Party Objectives were 

  • to provide a platform for individuals, orgs and corporate bodies to bless our disadvantaged children


  • to profile the various children’s homes for the purpose of networking them with companies wishing to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities. 


  • to work towards identifying sustainable ways of continuing to support the children through partnerships the respective homes.


The children hail from various children’s homes and care organisations including – SES, Just Children Foundation, Presbyterian Children’s Club, Blossom Children’s Community, Bridge of Hope, Joseph Foundation, Tose Respite Care Home and Ruvimbo Center.  

Over that period SES was able to mobilise resources with which to make the event possible through partnerships and donations from groups, individuals and churches who have gave in different ways. Our major donors being The Mayor’s Cheer Fund, Legacy International School and His Presence Ministries International Church.

The party was absorbed in 2013 by the Miracle Mission annual children’s party which invited over 800 children from various homes including the ones we usually invited. SES therefore combined efforts with Miracle Missions volunteering at the major event and donating to the children separately.