Personal Statement

I grew up in a home that was never without a foster child, counselling case or needy passerby who was taken in without a second thought. Watching my amazing parents instilled in me from an early age the natural ability to give of myself endlessly to those less fortunate than myself.


I am a passionate community worker also called a young leader, a philanthropist, an inspiration and a social workaholic by many who know me personally. These kind words have served to encourage me as I pursue what I know I was born to do.


I am a proud African and a dedicated Zimbabwean who believes in the strong and sovereign future of our continent. I believe particularly in the importance of the crucial role that we women are playing in creating this future. Women’s participation has been terribly marginalized and the promotion of their contributions often gone unnoticed with African women continuing to be portrayed in narrow, neutral, non-effective and negative images. Through collaborative initiatives, personal example, and the powers of media I am committed to changing this. I am also committed to changing the overall misconceptions surround the true state of Africa, its development, its capacities and its inherent potential. The next generations must be clear on who we are no matter where they live; they must be proud of what we represent and what we have whether they be directly involved in beneficiation processes or not, and they must be determined to find their way of contributing to the establishment of the next greatest continent on earth.


I’ve been involved in developmental work since the age of 17 and have never looked back. I have started, co-founded and run several projects over the years always in response to a burning desire to meet a glaring need. Most of my projects continue to run today with or without me and have grown to involve many individuals from different walks of life who have found themselves inspired to join in and become change agents. The key objective always being to make sure the contributions of others are encouraged and well organised; and their benefits maximised on the intended beneficiaries. I’ve chosen to work with a focus on children’s education, rehabilitation of homeless young adults and empowerment of women with a proclivity to young women.


My social work is of utmost importance to me and protecting that work from tarnish and disgrace will always be my top priority. Values of accountability and transparency transcend all projects and initiatives and I have private business interests in CSR consultancy, TV and media production, fashion and property development to sustain myself.


I am an open book to anyone seeking guidance and assistance in how to play their part in community development and I therefore mentor many individuals and local organisations and speak on many platforms on how to be properly established and compliant; how to experience growth and greater efficiency, how to be better organised and capacitated, and how to be more innovative and interactive in finding ways towards sustainability.” 




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“I believe strongly in the power of local philanthropy and responsible citizenship and therefore practise it passionately. I desire to see a continent in which all people play their part- starting big or starting small, to improve the communities they live and work in; and to build the continent we desire to live in and see our children’s children live in…


My mission involves creating as many opportunities for as many people to be involved in doing so.”

Jesus Christ remains my cornerstone, my strength and key driver, without the guidance and grace of my closest companion, the Holy Spirit, I am nothing.