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Grass roots Org Capacity Development 

In valuing the contribution of each community’s self initiated efforts to help themselves we help to equip local charities no matter how small or remote, and with no regard over how young or old or uneducated the initiatives leader may be. 
We equip them the skills of mobilized philanthropy and how to be better positioned access, receive and utilize support; while liaising effectively with the donors and establishing an independence and sustainability plan.  

Beginning with basics and free of charge we facilitate 
1.    Training on registration, compliance and acceptable organizational establishment 
2.    Current management review and training 
3.     Basic book keeping, transparency, reporting
4.     Public relations policy and management 
5.    Basic branding (corporate paraphernalia)
6.    Computer literacy training, IT access as far as possible and social media management 
7.    Strategic media exposure and local corporate networking  


Please write to us and make us aware of genuine causes run by local heroes who need a hand up; we may be able to give them that boost.