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As a Global Youth Ambassador for Education, a member of the national youth committee for Youth in Social and Development Work and an accessible role model to many young people Lisa speaks on numerous platforms concerning the issues of education access, safety, quality and equality. She provokes, educates and inspires with her words and never leaves without presenting personal level solutions on how to immediately start making a difference through one’s personal capacity.
























Since her appointment as a Global Youth Ambassador for Education in 2015 Lisa has worked tirelessly to push for greater awareness of the global education crisis which still sees over 57 million children out of school. 
She was an active local leader of the A World at School signature collection drive towards the UpForSchool Global education petition. 

This petition addresses a global crisis involving the millions children who will be trapped in their cruel and miserable existence forever if they are unspoken for where it matters most.  These millions of school-going age children are currently not in school due to a tirade of barriers including poverty, conflict, inequality, sickness, death, cultures and many others. The consequences of this situation remaining unaddressed will soon be faced by us all in one way or another. 

Since the Millennium Development Goals efforts have been made by some world leaders to reduce these barriers yet as we come to the end of the MDG era and enter the Sustainable Development Goals era we cannot ignore the failure to meet some of the MDGs. MDG #2 being “access to education for all”. With education being the most effective way to save and change a generation we must push for the fulfilment of this Goal and the increased prioritization of access to education worldwide.

There is great work to be done not just by governments but by every sector of society and every individual; yet this work cannot be done by individuals that have not been informed. Such is the purpose of the petition and the work of the Global Education Ambassadors appointed to conscientise their communities. 

8 million people have signed this petition, to join them go to:


To learn more about the movement visit  

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